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Your Contacts and their Products


See what products are your contacts using

Welcome to Purchasi, an online social platform where you can connect with other people and share first-hand experiences about different products. Purchasi allows you to build your profiles, enlist key features of brands you are already using, and learn what others are saying about their experiences.


Why Purchasi?

Considering the power of technology to transform lives, Purchasi offers a user-friendly, highly efficient, and technically advanced digital platform for building socially connected and collaborative global communities. Here, you can read the positive and negative aspects of different products based on user feedback and share your experience with others. This way, Purchasi aims at helping millions of people around the globe make better purchase decisions and first-hand information about various brands.


Key Features


Easy to Use

Purchasi has an easy-to-understand user interface the can be used by anyone.


Large Product Base

Explore through thousands of great products.


Secure & Reliable

The user data is stored in a secure database to ensure data security and privacy.


Open for All

Purchasi welcomes users from all age groups, locations, professions, and backgrounds.


Absolutely Free

Build a profile for free and interact with other people without paying anything.


Global Outreach

Connect with people across the globe and share experiences with each other.